Pamm Account

The percentage allocation management module (PAMM) is a type of pooled money FX trading. An investor has the option of allocating their money in the proportions preferred to the competent trader(s)/money manager(s) of their choice.

Why PAMM account?
Profit without Needing to Trade

You can put your money into the accounts of traders in exchange for a share of the earnings they make from trading with your money

Cash Manager
(For Master)

Percent Allocation Management Module

Profits are shared based on the investors' contributed amount as a percentage of the PAMM account's capital.

Cash Investor
(For investors)

What makes a ZaraFX
PAMM account the best?

PnL of Investor = Closed PnL for master position x (Investor's Equity / Master's Equity)

Control Over Trading Decisions for the Fund Manager

Flexibility in Performance Fees and Commissions

Automated Onboarding Process

The newest options for investors with
maximum risk diversification

Investors can earn proportionately from any investing strategy implemented by the Investment Manager. The PAMM account allows the Investment Manager to combine substantial sums from investors and earn a performance fee.

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