Social Trading

Social trading requires little or no knowledge of financial markets and allows traders to profit by copying the investment strategies of their peers or more experienced traders.

Knocking down some of
the barriers
to financial inclusion

Social trading is widely seen as a form of social network since it allows traders to engage with one another, study each other's trades, and learn about decision making processes.

Share your well-thought signals and strategies

Reap benefits from the success of your followers

Meet the best trading experts!
Learn from the professionals!

The democratization of financial information enables everyone who invests the time and effort to research markets and develop a sound trading and investing strategy to be immensely successful.

Let's show you
how it works

Articles for experts and anyone seeking a thorough knowledge of the logic underlying interface controls.

We value both
investors and traders

All articles with Instructions for all major investing platform subjects are separated into two sections: one for investors and one for traders

Harness the power
of community

ZaraFX Social Trading programme fosters a robust community of traders and investors and encourages successful traders to share their knowledge.

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